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putting the fun in 5k

Yesterday morning, we all rolled out of bed far earlier than we ever do during the summer to head over to Lincoln Park for the WTTW 8th Annual Fun and Run to support quality kids programming. While it was hard to get the blood moving that early (look, 8 is early for us–hell 10 is early for us in the summer), we all got into the spirit of things once we arrived at beautiful Lincoln Park on Chicago’s lake shore.

Admittedly, Chris and I were a little worried about how things would go with Aidan, as he hadn’t trained for the run and was bent–not just on finishing–but on winning. (Yes, I said winning.) Fortunately, he adjusted his expectations a bit, given the circumstances, and in the end, completed every inch of that 5K; he was quite proud of himself.

The weather was perfect at about 70 degrees, cool with cloud cover, and a nice breeze. The event itself was a lot of fun. Everyone was jazzed about participating in the event to support WTTW Kids. After the race, we hung out in the park, enjoyed the sponsor booths, met some of the characters from Aidan’s favorite shows, and frolicked widely to the sounds of Ralph’s World performing live on the main stage. From there we escaped the excitement to take a walk along the North Avenue Beach to marvel at the amazing whitecaps crashing along the shore.

The plan was to stay a bit longer–to check out the zoo, the conservatory, and just enjoy the park setting for the day–but Aidan was feeling the fatigue from the race, so we headed back home with the promise to return again soon. Maybe next year, we’ll beat our personal best in the race. But even if we don’t, we’ll be sure to have just as much fun as we did this time around.

snowshoeing in big bay

Today we all headed up towards Big Bay to check out a 40 acre square we’ve got our eye on. When our realtor told us we’d need snowshoes to see it, we decided to make a day of it. So, after a quick breakfast, we battled the crazy lake effect snow and drove northwest–very slowly at times with limited visibility. Once we located the parcel and scooted the Jeep gently into a snowbank, we donned the snowshoes and took to the woods. Chris snapped a few photos to commemorate the fun. (Keep in mind we are all snowshoe virgins.)

We had a good time of it, made it out of the woods before dark in time for dinner and some time by the pool. But we’re still not sure if this is the parcel for us. We’ll keep looking over the next few days–and doing some more snowshoeing along the way, of course.

hoopin’ it up

The other night, Aidan thought he’d give his hoop a try. I snapped a couple of pictures. We all laughed. He says he’d like smaller hoops for his arms, so he can really get fancy with it. I think Aidan is a natural born [singlepic=774,275,257] Aidan gives it a whirlclown. He loves physical “tricks,” comedy, and other feats of dexterity–from juggling, to skipping, to hopping on one leg with his eyes closed while he snaps his fingers and curls his tongue all at the same time. (That’s his specialty.) I’ve heard a lot about how much fun hooping can be, so I think we’ll be making some hoops of our own–adult-sized made from irrigation tubing and decorated to our individual tastes, so we can all get in on the fun. Maybe we’ll head on out to the park one of these days soon to see if we can start up a hoopin’ party. If you’re around maybe you’d like to join us. We’ll be making our hoops based on this plan I found via Sara Janssen’s The Happy Hoop: How to Make a Hoop. We’ll see how they turn out. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, make your own and we’ll have some hoopalicious fun together. Peace.

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