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Tag: physics

hello, my name is chris and i have become a soccer mom

This past month seems to have gone by in a blur for me. Part of this blur in due to Aidan’s decision to try a bunch of new activities this fall. So, right now almost every day is booked with something–from gymnastics to robotics and everything in between!

In addition to the variety of classes and clubs, we have also managed to go on a few recent tours. One was at the Romeoville National Weather Station. We all got a look at some of the tools of the trade, along with the computers that they use to track storms. We also learned about what the job of a meteorologist is all about and what it takes to become one.

The other was a tour with an engineering scientist at Fermi Lab where we got to learn about and see the Tevatron accelerator, which has been in use for 26 years. While some of the material was presented in a overly scientific manner, it still was an interesting tour/talk. It’s also pretty cool because we got to see this accelerator before it shuts down (shut down is scheduled at the end of this month).

a soda bottle water rocket launch

Last week Chris and I facilitated a day of physics, flight, and rocket science for a group of home schoolers. The one thing we wanted to do but didn’t get the chance to was launch a soda bottle water rocket. Aidan really wanted to give it a whirl, so we built a rocket launcher out of PVC pipe. Then we took a two liter soda bottle, added some balsa wood fins and a an athletic cone, and we had ourselves a rocket. The whole thing is powered with water and about 75 to 100 pounds of air pressure delivered with a bicycle tire pump. Check out our launch video.

If this looks cool to you, and you’d like to build one, I found this information useful: GeekDad Soda Bottle Water Rocket. Also, for a cool rocket design, check out this site: Mr. Hayhurst’s Quick and Easy Bottle Rocket. Next time, maybe we’ll try combining two bottles for a 4-liter rocket and add a parachute. That’ll be cool. Aidan and I had a blast with this (literally). It was a nice way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

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