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Tag: pottery

vase gone gravy boat

Thrown with a slap
The heft of cool clay
Against stainless steel wheel
Etched with concentric circles.

Crooked, imbalanced
Like the bent rim
From a childhood bicycle
It thumps with
Centrifugal petulance

Against cupped and pressing
Hands slouched over the work
Muscling into form
As the whirl of the wheel quickens
and flings droplets like chocolate milk.

Thumbs digging in
Dirty fingers and
Knuckles caked with mud
Shapes up and yields
To fine form.

Until a final pull
When the clay bucks and finds its own way.

kneading, throwing, pinching: pottery

Kneading, throwing, pot pinching–this can only mean one thing–pottery class! Aidan’s asked about taking a pottery class for awhile now, and this is something that I have always wanted to explore more myself (I took a hand building class a long time ago), so after some searching I found a class perfect for us. We had our first class today and it was great! Not only are Aidan and I taking the class, but since I was able to schedule it for a Friday Mike is taking it too. It’s just the three of us with our teacher, Jane.

After showing us around her studio (which is in the basement of her house), we set to work. Jane showed us a short demonstration of the potter’s wheel and then Mike and I were able to try our hand at it right away; each making three different vessels. Aidan watched us at first and then Jane got him started on some hand building (a pressed bowl that he was able to make imprints in with various trinket-type objects). After we finished our three wheel pieces, Mike and I started on some coil pots, while Aidan got a turn on the potter’s wheel! He was excited (and perhaps a bit nervous) to try the wheel and he did awesome at it! With Jane’s guidance, he also ended up making three pieces on the wheel. He was beaming with the accomplishment of his work, especially since all the other classes that I looked into wouldn’t allow kids under nine to even use the wheel.

It was an incredible time. I thoroughly enjoyed feeling the clay between my hands and being able to shape and mold it in various ways.  I can understand how someone can get lost in their art. We were there for two hours and the time just flew by and all three of us are now excitedly awaiting next Friday.

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