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“not-so-great expectations” — a comedy of error

This came across the desk today, and I had to laugh. We get this quite a bit. So many people just don’t know what to do or what to say to us on matters of learning and education–close friends, family members, and even some homeschoolers we know. It’s tough when you don’t fit the mold. I think some people find you oddly threatening. Needless to say, after the first awkward encounter like the one below, we get very few questions about our approach to learning. I guess the typical questions and comments don’t fit, and people are left with nothing else to say. Funny.

Click the image below to enlarge it and squint your eyes to read the speech balloons. :-)

astra taylor on the unschooled life

Astra Taylor is a 31-year-old Canadian-American filmmaker well known for her films Zizek and Examined Life. She is a writer as well, and her work has appeared in numerous magazines. In 2006, Filmmaker Magazine listed her as one of 25 new filmmakers to watch. Astra was unschooled until she was 13, an experience she says shaped the course of her life. While she has chosen to give various “schools” a try throughout her adult life–including a short stint at Brown University, a BA from the University of Georgie, and an MA from the New School, she embodies the spirit of autodidacticism. In the lecture embedded here, she talks at length about her unschooled life. It’s well worth checking out if you hope to better understand what unschooling (or life learning) means. Here you can here it first hand from a grown unschooler. Please watch.

As a side note, I was watching Taylor’s lecture the other night, and my 7-year-old son Aidan (who is unschooled) came up and sat on my knee. He was drawn in from the other room when he heard me listening to the talk. He sat there with me for the full hour and 15 minute long lecture, completely engrossed. It’s neat to see how curious he is to hear others talk about the unschooling life. He, and other unschoolers I know, seem to be keenly and critically aware of their own educational experiences and processes–in ways that traditionally schooled kids are not (at least the ones I know). Maybe this is because they are choosing these experiences completely of their own free will.

If you’re interested in hearing more adult unschooler perspectives, check out the blog of one particular adult unschooler Idzie Desmarais. She is in the process of collecting a series of interviews with unschooled adults.

learn free, a film by lillian mauser-carter

This film came across the wire recently. It’s a great little piece about unschooling. Mauser-Carter is using it as a means to raise funding for a feature length film she plans to make on the subject. The film does a fine job of offering authentic perspectives on an oft-misunderstood approach to life, learning, and parenting. While unschooling is a broad subject that invites many different perspectives, this film is a good place to start, I think, if you want to better understand the subject. Take a peak.

To learn more about this film and other work by Lillian Mauser-Carter, check out her Vimeo profile.

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