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who knew that $320 can get you a llama, a goat, chicks, and bees

What a day! Our Earth Scouts group finished up their unit on Economic Justice today earning two badges–one for the unit and a smaller one for the reading fundraiser that they have been working on for the past several months. The reading fundraiser, called Read to Feed, was part of our work to raise money for Heifer International. In addition to the Read to Feed that the kids were participating in, we also held a lemonade stand last week in which all the proceeds went to Heifer. It was exciting today to collect all the money–we ended up with a total of $320!! This money will go to buy animals for Heifer International to help end poverty and provide greater self-reliance for families and communities around the world. We shared with the kids information on the animals that can be selected from Heifer, along with the cost of each animal and what they can provide for the family, and then we let the kids decide which animals we should purchase. They had a great time voting and selecting animals. After much discussion, and persuasive arguments, from many of the kids we ended up purchasing a llama, a goat, a flock of chicks, and a beehive! (Aidan was a bit disappointed that his choice for a water buffalo was outvoted for a llama, but who knows, perhaps Aidan will find a new way to raise the $250 to purchase a water buffalo (if anyone wants to donate for his cause please let us know). :-) The kids were thoroughly thrilled to be able to contribute so much to people and communities that we have never met–all in the hopes that we will help make a difference in the world. This is one of the biggest parts that I love about being a co-facilitator for Earth Scouts–the way the children are so eager to help and often see no boundaries in what we can do to make this world a better place. Now shouldn’t we all follow their lead and go out there to spread peace and hope!?!

budding social activist

I’m totally psyched up for our new unit in Earth Scouts, the youth group that I lead along with my friend Heidi. At first when Heidi and I decided it was time to move away from our safety net of concentrating on nature and decided to attempt this new unit of “economic justice,” I felt a little overwhelmed with the idea of trying to teach this topic to the kids. But now I’m jazzed! So far Heidi and I have come up with some good ideas on how to convey certain injustices that are found throughout this world, and I really feel that the kids are understanding how some things are not fair, but we can work together to try to make some differences. I feel the social activist in me raising up ready for action!

60% of the world’s population is always hungry yet there is enough food in the world to feed everyone. There is no shortage; there is a failure to share.

During the first meeting of this unit, we talked with the kids about the difference between needs and wants and how everyone should have the right to basic needs–yet not everyone does. We did some hands-on demonstration of this to get our point across. Some of the statistics we shared are things that I knew already–things that I present in my college-level classes–yet somehow when we were going through this with the kids it really opened my eyes. One example is that most people think there is not enough food in this world for everyone and that is why there are so many who go hungry. In reality, though, there is NO shortage of food–if the food were divided equally everyone would have enough to eat. However, as we all know, dividing things equally does not happen. So instead, 60% of the world’s population is always hungry. 60%! This is crazy! And of this 60% about 43% are severely undernourished! This was just one of the statistics that we shared with the kids. (These figures come from the research of a book entitled If the World Were a Village by David Smith. It’s a children’s book, but a good one with eye-opening information for everyone.)

During our second meeting, we introduced our long-term project for the group. We decided to collect money to donate to Heifer International as a way to help in the fight to end hunger and poverty. The Heifer Project is a neat idea in that the money goes to buying an animal for a needy family and teaching the family how to care for the animal. The family, in turn, gets to benefit from that animal. For example, receiving a goat or a cow can provide the family with milk for both nourishment for themselves and to sell for income. An alpaca can provide fleece to make clothes and blankets. An aspect of the project that I especially like is the idea of “paying it forward”–meaning that once that family’s animal gives birth to offspring, the family agrees to give an offspring to another family within their village and also agrees to teach that new family all about taking care of that animal. This approach not only helps provide better nourishment for the families but also helps generate income in sustainable ways.

As a way to collect donations for Heifer, Heidi and I decided to have the kids participate in a “Read to Feed” program in which the kids will seek out family and friends to sponsor them in their reading over the next several months. Aidan is completely excited about this and is already tracking his reading time and is searching for sponsors (watch out grandma and auntie)! :-)

My hope (and plan) is for me and my family to continue taking steps in making a positive difference in the world and for the world’s people.

help create a world without cancer—please

Every year since my mom passed away I volunteer to send letters to my neighbors asking for donations on behalf of the American Cancer Society. Typically I only get one, maybe two, donations from these letters. This year I have decided to set up my own website through the American Cancer Society to try to get the word out to more people. So I am asking all our readers out there to try to give a little–even just $5–to the American Cancer Society in hopes that one day we can have a world without cancer.

Here’s the link for the website. Thanks so much for your support!


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