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christmas caroling 2009

This evening we took our second annual trip with our homeschooling coop group to a local assisted living center to spread some holiday cheer. The kids sang their songs and distributed treats they had baked to the residents. It was a lot of fun. Aidan was rehearsing all week for the big day. He sang loud and proud. (Last year he hid in the back and didn’t make a peep.) He’s really coming out of his shell. He was so excited to sing for everyone. For a moment, it even looked like he was about to do a solo. He didn’t, but he says that next year he wants to do it. Check out the video clip below. (The clip isn’t the best quality, but you can really see him singing.) We’re so proud of him.

another two hours well spent, happy holidays

The day after Christmas, we trekked out to Aurora, IL with some of our extended family to the Feed My Starving Children facility to pack food for children in developing nations that are literally eating dirt and rocks to stave off feelings of hunger.

• 2 hours
• 84 volunteers
• 102 boxes of food
• 22,032 meals
• 60.5 kids fed for a year

This is the second time Chris and I have been there with Aidan. We’re thinking about making it a monthly excursion; perhaps we will invite some of our friends to join us. The more hands the better of course. It is a humbling experience to think about all that we have in the United States where even the poorest do not endure the agony of absolute famine. Today, we worked with our family and about 75 other people to package food that will be shipped to children around the world–children like Murana from Haiti pictured below.

[singlepic=249,200,200]  Murana, starving,
  before receiving FMSC help.

[singlepic=250,200,200]  Murana, 3 1/2 months after
  receiving FMSC help

today we prepared 10,800 meals for starving children

It is our hope to engage in more volunteer and service-learning activities with Aidan (for his sake and our own). So today, we sought such an opportunity through the “Feed My Starving Children” organization located in Aurora, IL. It was a wonderful experience.

•  2 hours
•  49 volunteers
•  50 boxes of food
•  10,800 meals
•  30 kids fed for a year

Together with a team of 49 volunteers, we prepared a specially designed food mixture of a vegetarian chicken flavoring including vitamins and minerals, dehydrated vegetables, soy nuggets, and rice. This mixture is designed specifically for children who are starving to death. We worked together at stations to bag this food into 400g bags, which we then heat sealed, labeled, and packed into cardboard boxes for shipping. In two hours time we packed 50 boxes each containing 36 bags of food. (Each bag is enough for 6 meals.) In two hours, we packed 10,800 meals which can provide one meal a day for 30 children over the course of a year. Not bad for a couple hours of work on Monday afternoon. Aidan loved the work. FMSC is one of the few places it seems in the area that welcomes the help of even small children. I suppose there is something special about children feeding children. We are definitely going back–hopefully with even more helping hands.

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